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They have a specific acreage to harvest. Let’s say there are 100 acres and each employee can cover 25 acres each. Only 4 employees are needed, so anything more would bring about Diminishing Returns. 2013-11-01 · The use of marginal land is cited as a way of overcoming land use controversies because, as the UK government states in the 2009 Renewable Energy Strategy: “Use of this [marginal] land will reduce the risk of competition with existing food crop production, and help ensure that any associated land use change does not have a significant impact on the anticipated greenhouse gas savings or pose Learn the definition of 'marginal cleared land'. Check out the pronunciation, synonyms and grammar.

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Table 4.1. 29. BAU3 land use projections. Table 4.2. 31.

low soil fertility) or socio-economic constraints hinder the cultivation of food and 20 sentence examples: 1. Another use for marginal land is for tree crops. 2.

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These constraints lead to a significant part of the population abandoning the area. One example is the area located in the Sisak region in Croatia that will be used in the GRACE project for the cultivation of miscanthus. Another example of marginal land is that near flood plains or in a tidal basin.

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Thus, the average productivity is hampered due to diminishing marginal returns. Example I. Consider the classic economics example of farming.

On the other hand, sometimes a feature of the marginal land, such a marsh or a jagged mountain can contribute to the value of adjacent land because it improves the view. A marginal land is an abandoned area where there is no cultivation.
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Eligibility: Conservation Practice Responsibilities: Any land in agricultural production within 180 feet of a stream, which is not designated as cropland and Thus, the average productivity is hampered due to diminishing marginal returns.

Tidal basins may flood twice a day at or near high tides. This type of land is unusable for growing crops or development. 20 sentence examples: 1.
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cally marginal areas. av A Hofgaard — ing peatland) within a few decades at the most marginal sites.

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Pablo S. Herrero New Murals In Salamanca, Spain - Pinterest

at existing price levels will barely cover the cost of production marginal land Other Words from marginal Synonyms & Antonyms More Ex Adding value to sheep production in the marginal areas of Northern Europe. 61 An example where women maintain very active roles in livestock production,  under the provincial Land Commission Act of 1973, the ALR is one of the earliest examples in The ALR is administered by the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC), Marginal lands were included in the ALR for several technical rea marginal lands exists, this study uses an area frame sample built from GIS databases of non- crop marginal lands. All parcels of marginal land in Michigan create  on marginal land, through biomass conversion into bioenergy or biomaterials, change, for example, they can range from advantages (emission savings) to  20 Aug 2014 “For example, the potential for ryegrass swards to be maintained in a healthy state reduces significantly as soil drainage problems increase,” he  19 Apr 2017 News / Wetland Restoration on Marginal Lands For example, an isolated prairie pothole restoration is easily planted with diverse native seed  22 Jan 2019 The following information relates to recording movable marginal and relating to depiction of marginal strips and esplanade strips; Examples of depiction Area of marginal or esplanade strip on Diagram of Parcels; La 23 Apr 2009 crassulacean acid metabolism for bioenergy production on marginal lands Examples of cultivated CAM species include Ananas comosus  26 Nov 2018 For example, the process of urbanization creates underutilized agricultural lands at the urban-rural fringe (margin) as farming activity declines  10 May 2013 be used in the marginal land program. The liquid biosolids samples were analyzed for solids content, aluminum, arsenic, boron, cadmium,  1 Mar 2011 It does so by drawing on examples from a few developing countries that agriculture while marginal agricultural lands are abandoned (46). 23 Apr 2008 For example, today, 90% of our food energy and protein comes from and marginal lands) to large-scale agricultural production also cause  Empirical evidence indicates that in many developing regions, the extreme poor in more marginal land areas form a "residual" pool of rural labor. Structural  marginal land (for an overview of ongoing initiatives in biomass and bioenergy certification until the end of 2009 see van Dam et al.